Thursday, May 31, 2007

iPhone no iPod?

One of the things that made the iPod so successful was that any one could pick it up and use it without ever reading a manual or asking anything more than where is the on button. The scroll wheel was a stroke of genius. Now it looks like the up coming iPhone is going for a somewhat different approach. Steve Jobs was interviewed at a conference called D and said
Once you actually use this magical display there's no going back. We actually think we have a better keyboard. It takes a few days of getting used to, but I bet you dinner that after a few days of using it you'll be convinced. It takes a week -- you have to learn how to trust it. When you learn how to trust it, you'll fly.
Thats a bit brave since many people will pick up the iPhone in a shop, play with it for a few minutes and make a decision *not* to buy one because they cant use it and don't want to spend a week playing with it before they can txt their friends or call people easily.


Johnny K said...

Well that's like saying people wouldn't buy a Mac because they're only used to using Windows.

I bet it's still easy to use, but not easy to type quickly. So it will take practice to type quickly but will still be easy to use off the bat.

laurie said...

clearly i'm the only idiot in the world who had to have an ipod explained to me.

i couldn't figure out that damn wheel for shit.