Tuesday, May 15, 2007

BBC and Scientology

Two groups you don't want to annoy BBC and Scientology :-) . Last night I watched the BBC Panorama documentary Scientology and Me and I was struck by one thing, the two main characters looked like they were trying to reenact the scene from A Few Good Men. I expected John Sweeney to shout "you cant handle the truth" while Tommy Davis spent most of the documentary looked like a bad Tom Cruise impersonator.

Here is the BBC side

And here is the scientology version

My opinion, Sweeney knew exactly what he was doing when he dropped the cult word before asking another question, that was obvious. He wanted to get Davis angry on camera, film the response and spice up the story. On the other hand Tommy Davis was doing exactly the same thing when he kept stepping into Sweeney's personal space, following him around, filming him and waiting at his hotel. Silly really, it ended up looking like a personal vendetta being played out on a respected TV station. Both organisations could probably do with sending other people out to meet each other next time.

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