Thursday, May 10, 2007

Batt O'Keeffe podcast

A couple of weeks ago Tom Rafferty Tom Raftery (update: jaysis, I spelt Toms name wrong, spotted it this morning the moment I looked at my blog, sorry Tom ;-) ) asked on his blog for questions that would be put to Minister of State Batt O'Keefe in a series of podcasts. I posted some questions but I didn't really expect them to be asked and certainly not asked as I had written them. I expected someone would mix the questions together and come up with a set of general questions that would cover the same topics in a shorter amount of time.

Turns out I was wrong. The podcast is up and the questions were put to Batt directly as they appeared on Tom's blog and he answered them. I don't agree with his answer about Ministers not being responsible for the failure of the NRA and local authorities, after all it's the Minister who assigns the projects, the Minister who allocates tax payers funds and the Minister who will take credit for the project if it succeeds. But I have to say fair play to him for being willing to take questions directly from the blogging community, most other Ministers run screaming for a PR consultant when they spot someone with a list of questions.

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Tom Raftery said...

Dec - not to worry about the mis-spelling, many people get it wrong. I blame Gerry Rafferty!

I didn't agree with one or two of Batt's answers either but I too was well impressed with his willingness to take the questions on!