Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stamp Duty Issue

Why didnt Bertie Ahern review the stamp duty tax that is adding 10s of thousands onto the burden of buying a house for many people in Ireland? Because Bertie lives in a world where stamp duty is a sum of money that the landlord and the person selling the house gives to the girlfriend of the person buying the house while, of course, asking for nothing in return.

The announcement came as the Taoiseach confirmed separately that his former partner Celia Larkin received £30,000 from a Manchester businessman, who subsequently sold Mr Ahern his house.
Mr Ahern described the payment by Michael Wall to Ms Larkin as totally appropriate, adding that it was for the refurbishment of the house, which they were renting at the time, and was also a “stamp duty issue”.

Jesus, if I lived in Berties world I'd be upping stamp duty, get several girlfriends and move into as many houses as I could manage. Then just wait for the stamp duty to roll in. :-)

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