Monday, May 21, 2007

Last week of election

So we are into the last week of Election 2007. Shame really because in my opinion the election proper hasn't actually gotten started yet. The media are treating it like a new TV show that they are desperate to improve the ratings on. Experienced political commentators are calling it the most exciting election in years and encouraging people to tune in at X hour to see the latest poll results. Pardon my French, but bollocks.

It's been an awful election. Topics are not being addressed, issued are ignored, problems glossed over. Every news program the media devote just 5 or 10 minutes to topics like crime, education and health and no time to Europe or immigration. The rest of the hour is devoted to personality discussions, debates about leaks, and worst of all reports on what other journalists said. Some days it seems like I'm hearing more about what Vincent Browne said or did in a press conference than what the party leaders said. The media is reporting the media and their own polls more than the politicians. It's like they are afraid of being accused of being unbalanced if they cover the issues of real concern today. I've had just one canvasser call, I don't particularly want to talk to canvassers but I think the candidates would show some interest in my vote. I've only seen one candidate in the flesh and that was Enda Kenny walking down Grafton Street.

It's come down to the last few days and no one has impressed me enough to earn my vote. People have lost it, sometimes for stupid reasons like putting up too many posters. Others because I wouldn't trust their party to govern a chicken coup coop (update: woops, bit of a Freudian slip) without stealing eggs and at least one because I realize voting for them is the equivalent of burning my voting card.

So who will I vote for? I personally don't like the way the country is headed. I like where we've been, the Celtic Tiger was good for most people, but things have changed. 10 years in power is too long for any party. In another 5 will any deputies in the opposition have ministerial experience? Will any of their deputies have even sat on the government benches? I think it's their turn while they still have some experience to do the job. So I'm voting for the Alliance for Change, hopefully I wont regret it but I think if things don't change course then the Ireland of 2012 will be sad place of longer commutes, poor and expensive health care, over crowded schools, half finished transport links, warehouses of failed projects, tribunals of lawyers and a country where only the civil service have jobs.


Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

If you're going to vote for those clowns then you might as well go to the pub instead of voting on Thursday Dec. The opinion pools are exactly what they were on the eve of FF's last victory. Slimy Enda's abysmal failure on the telly the other day was the clincher for most people I guess.

Now, The next steps... will be taken.

Keith said...

I think all that chicken has gone to the colonel's head. You are head right Declan, the only reason you need to vote for anyone but FF/PD's is that they have been in power too long.


I don't blame FF for treating the electorate like morons, if I maintained power no matter what I did, I would have contempt for the ejits that voted me in. The best thing for them would be a [long] spell in opposition. They might learn the joy of an original idea.