Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Check the Register

I had a canvaser call last night. Poor woman, I kind of felt sorry for her as she tried to tell me why I should vote for Tom Kitt from Fianna Fail. Instead of hitting every door in the estate they were targeting only the registered voters. When I answered the door she asked for me by name. Now why I find that interesting is the fact that it clearly means I am on the register for Dublin South. However I am not on the Check the Register website. I mentioned this to a friend of mine and he said that exactly the same thing had happened to him, on the register but not on the computer.

After all the hype this service gets, the rock the vote campaign and the trouble surrounding the removal of voters from the register it turns out this is just another great government IT project that does not work. Typical.

1 comment:

Red Mum said...

You can't find me on either, indeed you can't find my road,considering its a very big road and an old road, thats a bit worrying....

but I checked myself with the francise office and am registered.