Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Squealing Politicians

The Taoiseach obviously has some serious questions to answer about his finances and why mysterious amounts of money appear in bank accounts linked to him. This is important information because if the leader of this state is getting payments from his "friends" in the business and property development world then no matter what he says about it just being friends giving him a hand out of financial trouble there is an obvious conflict of interest. Especially in light of the property boom that Berties government has allowed to overheat turning property developers into multi millionaires while burdening the average public with massive debts and pricing many people on the average industrial wage out of the market.

At the same time the discussion over the last couple of days has switched from asking is Bertie corrupt or just a man with great friends to asking who squealed. What have the leaders of our country become? Kids in the school yard fighting over who told teacher or the mafia honoring some code of silence and looking for someone to blame when the don gets picked up by the cops?
I don't care who leaked the story. I do care about who paid what to who and got what favours in return. When Bertie answers those questions and if we decide he is innocent of any wrong doing or corruption then we can hunt down the person who tried to blacken a good man's name. If he is proven to be guilty then perhaps we should be handing out medals instead.

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