Thursday, May 10, 2007

London To Sydney by Bus

Yesterday evening as I sat on a crappy, crowded and late Dublin bus spending almost an hour travelling just a short distance into the city centre I was listening to Matt Cooper on Today FM when he introduced a guest who is running a new bus service, from London to Sydney.

Called the Oz Bus (sure to cause some confusion with backpackers in Australia as the Oz Experience Bus was commonly referred to as the Oz Bus) this provides a bus trip experience that travels from London to Sydney over land most of the way apart from a few boat trips in Indonesia and one short flight from East Timor to Darwin. It goes through 20 countries and sees things like the Taj Mahal and MT Everest Base Camp. I suppose it's perfect for those conscious of their carbon footprint and looking for adventure but not so good for those looking for a quick and cheap trip to Australia since it takes 12 weeks and costs £3750.

Still for those who believe the journey is as important as the destination this is pretty much perfect. The super version of the Oz Experience type bus. Though having to spend 12 weeks on a bus with a small group of other people could be an amazing experience or the worst type of hell depending on how you get on with the other people on the trip. If I had the money and the time to spend I'd consider it as a novel way to go back to Australia and see lots more of the world on the way.

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