Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Profanity Rules

I sent an email to a friend of mine working in a major corporation in Dublin. At one point in the email I casually used the phrase "pissed off". A few minutes later I got an email from him asking me to try again removing any "profanity".

He had received an email from the mail filter saying the email was blocked

Reason: This email has violated the PROFANITY rules.

Hmm, I can understand the need at a corporate level to frown on the use of bad language but actually implementing rules like that in email could impact business. In my experience sales people are some of the most profane on the planet, the phrase "pissed off" would be their polite way of telling their 5 year old daughter daddy had a bad day in work. If they need to reword and resend every email sent in the heat of negotiating a deal then it's going to wear out more than a few blackberries.

It's political correctness gone a little mad, especially on incoming emails. Sure by all means you can try to stop your employees sending profanities to external people, they are using your email, they represent your company. But enforcing a corporate opinion on the language used by people outside your company is more than a little annoying.

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