Monday, August 22, 2011

Back Again

Sorry I was away for the last few weeks such a short time after returning to this blog. I have a good excuse this time though (before Col. Creedon slaps me again), I got married. Not that it was a surprise or anything, we've been seeing each other for over 4 years and engaged for over a year.

It was a great day and all the work and stress was worth it, though it went by so so fast. One thing about getting married is that there are so many things to do on the day that I started at 8am with breakfast with my family and then next thing we were doing the last dance at midnight. The two bits that do stand out are the ceremony itself, in fact the whole church bit, and the few casual drinks we had in a place called The Inn of Olde in Quidi Vidi while taking photos (we got married in Newfoundland in Canada since that's where Lauren is from).

Anyway I have to thank everyone who helped us out on the day, our family and friends who made the whole thing day so special, though most probably wont read this blog. I should also mention two people who do read this blog. First Karen Dunne who took the photo attached, but more importantly who introduced myself and Lauren at the Irish Blog awards 4 1/2 years ago. Second I should mention Col. Creedon who keeps me blogging and was also there the night I met Lauren. It was the first time I'd seen him since our Carlow RTC days and we stayed talking for ages. So long in fact that Lauren almost wandered off from our group to chat to other people. Ciaran, you and your podcast almost ruined my life ;-)