Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Prison Break Irish Style

A prisoner escaped from Mountjoy yesterday by simply leaving his work detail. Juan Carlos Melgar Alba, from Bolivian is a convicted drug dealer but was out of prison with two other prisoners and two prison officers to help restore an old house into an art studio in Ballymun, as part of the prison's programme to "give something back to the community". Well now they have given something back all right, a drug dealer.

But of course it is not the fault of the Irish Prison Service. They were as surprised as anyone when the convicted Bolivian drug dealer ran away from his work detail because "He was behaving very, very well in prison". Course he was, he wanted to get on the work detail to get outside and escape. Probably got the idea from Prison Break, which he probably watched on a flat screen TV in his cell. Jesus, he didn't even need to be as clever about it or dig a hole or climb a wall like the guys on TV, the prison authorities let him out. I wonder if he'll get to see season 2 on Bolivian television before we get it in Ireland?

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