Thursday, May 03, 2007

Blood in the Water

Today the launch of the Fianna Fail election manifesto was overshadowed by an exchange between Vincent Browne and Bertie Ahern. The Taoiseach sounded annoyed and under pressure while a Fianna Fail representative tried to silence Vincent leading to comparisons with Charlie Haughey. Nothing I can write here can do justice to the exchange but RTE has provided the exchange in a handy real player stream.

Bookmaker Paddy Power has cut the odds on Brian Cowen becoming the next Taoiseach from 25 to 1 down to 8 to 1. Are the sharks circling for Bertie?

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Colm said...

I just heard it on the radio. He's done for. If there was a simple legal answer to the issue he had at least 6 chances one after another to give it and he refused. If it was for work done to the house and overseen by Celia all he had to do was explain what was done (i.e. new shower, wooden floor etc etc).

Whatever he did with the emoney has to be fatal to his political career.