Friday, May 25, 2007

South Tipp

My old home constituency is shaping up to be quite interesting. Bertie parachuted in Dr Martin Mansergh which I thought was a bad idea cause Mansergh is about as appealing to the rural vote as a dose of foot and mouth.

But it now looks like it could have been a master stroke, Mansergh stands a chance of getting elected. If he can keep Seamus Healy this side of the winning line until about the 4th count then I think he'll pick up a bunch of Siobhan Ambrose votes and jsut pass Healy at the finish line, but it's going to be really close and depends on a chunk of Phil Prendergasts Labour votes going to Fine Gael.

It's another sign of why Bertie is winning this election when everyone else thought he hadn't a snow balls chance in hell.

Update 26-May: Looks like Mansergh won the third seat by 60 votes in the 8th count. However it's gone to a recount and I hear Healy is taking legal advice.


Ciaran said...

Dec you are in Dublin South East?

Wit respect.. you could have voted for mmd if you care about him that much?

Declan said...

I'm in Dublin South, but I probably would have voted for him if I could.