Friday, May 04, 2007

Crabs for Dinner

I was out last night and feeling a little adventerous I ordered BBQ crab. I havent eaten enough fish or seafood lately so I thought some would be nice. However for some reason it didnt dawn on me that the bloody things would still be in their shells and would look as if 20 minutes earlier they had been happily crawling around the bottom of a fish tank. I realised I was in trouble when the waiter showed up with a crab version of a nut cracker, a weird long spoon type thing, a big bowl of water and a stack of napkins. The nice civilized dinner was about to turn into something cavemanish.

After a brief attempt to figure out if there was a way to get into the shells without cracking, crunching, tearing and ripping I resorted to using my hands. Sure, maybe there is a technique and an etiquete, but no one taught it in the old Christian Brothers school or in the computer lab in college. To the best of my knowledge I had some how made it through 30 odd years of life without eating anything out of it's own exoskeleton.

If the crab itself wasn't messy enough the BBQ feature added a nice dirty texture to my fingers. The only way to eat it was to just not care how it looked. Still it was nice food once I dug it out and I will happily eat it again, though probably not as part of a romantic diner.

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