Thursday, May 03, 2007

British Spiders

Some of us are viewing the forthcoming doom of global warming as an opportunity rather than a problem. For example Irish farmers could stop growing sugar beat and start producing bananas. Tired of that old pint of Guinness? Wait a few years and then try a nice chardonnay from Ch√Ęteau Guinness.

Still it's not all happy days for those of us living in cold damp Ireland. Looks like global warming is giving poisonous spiders a chance to survive in England. Just in Dorset at the moment but the false widow spider is starting to make progress North and East. Once England falls then I suppose Wales Scotland will follow and eventually good old Ireland. Still since most Irish have spent a few months dodging funnel-webs, red-backs and white-tail (my personal favourite with it's possibly flesh eating venom) spiders in Australia then a couple of little false widows shouldn't cause much concern. :-)

[via The Register]


spiderman said...

False widow spider is in Ireland I have 3 - 4 of them living in my utility room for the last year or so, they just appeared and all the other spiders seem to have disapeared, i thought they looked aggressive and couldnt figure out what they were so had a root around on the net and found them. still wondering where they came from?????

mr said...

was just tidying the shed and found one in the lawn mower cuttings box. it's nesting and has a big clutch of eggs. then i went to roll up an wind breaker and spotted another in that. a bit freaked now. did a bit of research and found out that though not lethal they can give a nasty bite that can effect you for 1-3 days. living in Tramore Co. waterford, Eire.