Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Over Taxed

The Government has announced that tax revenue for last year was 3.7 billion more than estimated. In case your wondering, given 4,239,848 as the population of Ireland last year that means the Government took €872.67 an extra for every man woman and child in the country. If you then take into account the fact that the number of people employed in Ireland last year was actually 2,017,000 then they took €1834.40 from each worker that they did not need to take to meet their targets.

I know that the extra is not tax taken directly from each individual PAYE tax payers. It comes from extra employment, corporation tax and a continued clamp down on tax evasion but it shows that they could have afforded to take less from PAYE workers as a whole.

And don't feed me the "it goes to help the less fortunate in society" line. It will go to fund civil servant benchmarking and other pay demands where the public sector already get paid an average of €275 per week more than workers in industry. Yes I realise that even in the public sector not everyone is well paid, but every badly paid worker can probably point to several well paid, under worked, and over promoted managers and supervisors who will benefit more from benchmarking than they will themselves.

Look at it another way if your bank overcharged you by €1834.40 and then boasted about it wouldn't you want your money back and then change banks? Shame that when it comes to the government we don't apply the same logic.

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