Wednesday, June 06, 2007

No Minister for Justice?

Michael McDowell, who lost his seat in the general election, will formally step down from Government on Thursday next when the new Dail meets. I presume the intention is that a new government should be voted in then but that is dependent Fianna Fail managing to hammer out a deal with the Greens, the PD's, and a bunch of Independents.

What happens if an agreement is not reached in time? If they cant vote on a new government will Bertie be able to appoint a new caretaker Minister for Justice or will the Department have to take care of itself? The Minister for Justice has certain powers, like the power to grant temporary release to prisoners, authorise phone taps, manage the Gardai, all types of little things that would require someone to be responsible for them. Maybe Bertie could appoint McDowell to the Senate and allow him to continue on as Minister, wouldnt that be a popular decision. :-)

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Anonymous said...

It gets assigned to another minister. More than likely the person who gets it added to their duties will keep it in the new cabinet.