Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fianna Fail promises

Fianna Fail launched it's ’Now The Next Steps’ election manifesto last week (I still hate that bloody slogan). One thing stood out for me, the promise of new ’retirement villages’. All I could hear was Charlton Heston's voice in the back of my mind screaming "Soylent Green!" ;-)

Though in the interest of balance I find Enda Kennys "contract" with the people of Ireland almost as funny. Enda promising to not seek re-election as Taoiseach if he failed to deliver is a real promise to nothing since I don't believe any Fine Gael leader has ever won two elections in a row and I don't see Fine Gael avoiding their now traditional bout of regicide should they loose an election no matter how successful or popular Enda would be as Taoiseach.


Keith said...

I quite like Enda Kenny's pledge. I think (and hope) it has had more effect than what Fianna Fail has come up with. That said, you made a good point about how easy it is for Kenny to make such a promise (there, I've said it, no big deal... ahgg I feel dirty now :-)).

Actually, I was reading something recently that reminded me of Fianna Fail's special relationship with the electorate: the Stockholm syndrome.

Keith said...

I also agree with the first two of Sarah Carey's 10 reasons to vote for Fine Gael.

That said, my number one would still go to Joe.

Declan said...

The Socialist Party? Jaysis Keith I know your a little crazy politically but come on ;-)

Will you be flying back specially to vote or will you just post your ballot to a comrade in headquarters?

keith said...

I don't think I qualify for postal voting and I am definitely too late so I'm screwed. I would have to take a day and a half off to get back to vote and that's a day and a half I don't have.

Btw, all politics are local and Joe Higgins is a good TD. Socialism may not be the answer to everything but capitalism sucks and socialists are one of the few groups of people these days that say so.

The transfers would be all bound for Labour, Fine Gael and the Greens though.