Friday, May 04, 2007

Scaring the blackbirds

I just heard the Irish entry for the Eurovision on The Late Late Show. Well lets just say there is no fear we will having to host the European singing hordes next year. The band is called Dervish and sounded like some drunk karaoke group from a late bar in Galway. Lyrics are about scaring blackbirds and stopping the spring, but what can you expect from a song written by a journalist instead of a songwriter.

That said RTE are getting into the online community thing and have made it available as an MP3 download so have to give them credit for that at least. Why do we still waste money on this whole circus, we don't need anymore European integration?

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Julia said...

You think yours is bad - have you heard the UK's entry? I think we're heading for our second "nul points"... My money is on Sweden to win. It's a pointless show, but it's funny, and we have your own Terry Wogan to poke fun at the Latvian costumes and the size of the Maltese singer each year.