Thursday, June 15, 2006

The End of the West Wing

The last episode of my favorite TV show is on RTE tonight. The West Wing has run for 7 seasons and while it dipped a little after its creator Aaron Sorkin left around season 4 it has picked up again during the last season and a half.

The last season was in my opinion one of the strongest, ironic considering most of it occurred on the election trail instead of in the West Wing itself. But tonight the show comes to a logical conclusion with President Jed Bartlets second term as president coming to an end and a new president being sworn in. Despite a strong possible cast for the next administration I think they are doing the right thing ending it here instead of dragging it out for another few years rehashing old stories and ideas as many previous TV shows have done.

Now I wonder what will I watch in it's place? At least I wont have to worry anymore about RTE screwing with the schedule and dropping The West Wing every time they wanted to show some awards ceremony or something. Though knowing them, they have probably dropped tonights episode to repeat the Haughey documentary after his death.

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