Monday, June 26, 2006

Talk about good timing

I got home today to find I had left my keys in the office. My flat mate was out so I went for a cup of coffee in the hopes she would be back before I finished. No luck. So I gave up and headed back to work to get my keys. I get home two hours after I left work for the first time and an hour late to watch Lost. Lost seems to be so confusing these days that missing one seemingly pointless episode can leave you scratching your head and wondering where characters or items or stories came from.

But guess what, Switzerland and Ukraine played what sounds like a boring 0-0 draw all the way to penalties there by allowing me the extra time to get home. Best result I could have hoped for. It's is a touch annoying to think that in an alternate Universe that could have been the climax of Ireland's involvement in the World Cup, though I think I would have hated to see us loose on penalties.

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