Monday, June 12, 2006

Bank of Ireland 365 to support SSIAs

Bank of Ireland have announced that they are to upgrade their on line banking interface. Cool, though I think one new feature stands out
The new-look Bank of Ireland 365 online banking service will sport a range of improved services such as the ability to register and view mortgage, SSIA, or investment accounts online. The bank said it is gearing up now so it is ready for the spike of online usage during the summer months.

For four and a half years they have been telling me that I cant view my SSIA online. Now with the SSIAs finally maturing over the next year and many already matured and closed, Bank of Ireland finally announce they will add those accounts to online banking? Wow, it only took 5 years to add a new feature to their systems.

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Nic said...

;) AIB had that feature for viewing your SSIA from the start