Monday, June 19, 2006

Haughey Tunnel

Two Fianna Fail councilors, Tom Brabazon of Dublin City Council and Michael Kennedy of Fingal County Council have called for the Port Tunnel to be named the Charles J Haughey Tunnel in honor of our recently deceased leader.

Naturally as expected the begrudgers were out in force to knock the suggestion. Cllr Sean Kenny, from Labour, said that proper consultation would be needed. Translation, "your taking the piss mates".

Personally I think you will find that naming the Port Tunnel after C.J. is actually very apt. After all it has consumed vast quantities of Irish taxpayers money, it loves the sea so much it keeps letting it in, some people say it's a little too short to do the job, general punters wont be able to use it but construction trucks can, it has taken a lot longer to finish off than anyone could have expected, and it has a certain flare for things French with it's new operators. I couldn't think of anything more suited to Mr Haughey. :-)

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