Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Owen out of World Cup

Being an England striker seems to be a high risk occupation. 50 seconds into last nights game Michael Owen crumpled over with a ruptured cruciate ligament injury, so he's out of the World Cup and the start of next season for Newcastle. Looks like Benitez at Liverpool made the right decision when he refused to buy Owen at the start of last year. Owen is a good player but a fragile one.

With Wayne Rooney just back from a broken foot and one solid tackle away from a permanent limp, Ericksons forward selection is starting to look a bit daft. Can you see Peter Crouch and Theo Walcott leading the attack against Brazil in the World Cup final? Can you even see them leading the attack against Portugal in the quaterfinals?

If I was Walcott I'd seriously be considering switching to a safer position on the field before the curse of Sven gifts him a career ending injury. I'm sure he could fit in as a ball boy.

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