Tuesday, June 20, 2006

McDowell always gets his man

Michael McDowells plans to introduce a garda reserve will today receive the support of the Mounties and the Norfolk Constabulary, according to BreakingNews.ie.
Canadian Mounted Police and officers from the UK's Norfolk Constabulary will back Michael McDowell's plans for a arda reserve force later today.
Unfortunately BreakingNews doesn't expand on the comment, so it could appear that McDowell had given them a vote or something. RTE does provide a little more information when it says the following.
The minister will be supported by senior officers from the Canadian Mounted Police and the Norfolk Constabulary in the UK, while rank and file gardai, sergeants and inspectors will appear to oppose the reserve.
However I do find their wording a little off. The Minister is supported by "senior officers" while those against the proposal are just "rank and file". Personally I'm in favor of the idea of a Garda Reserve, so long as it it managed properly and used as a reserve force not an unpaid replacement that I fear it will become.

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