Sunday, June 18, 2006

New cash for Old stories

Several Irish tabloids treated us to big pictures of Charles Haughey and Terry Keane kissing while on their holidays years ago. One had Charlie and Terry on a boat with his shirt undone and his wrinkled sunburned old Irish torso on show. Please, that's the last thing I need to see on a Sunday morning, or any morning for that matter.

One paper paid 25,000 for an exclusive interview with Terry only to see two others publish almost identical front page stories. I'm sure all the papers will have sold out but I cant believe the public still have a appetite for this story. We heard it all in 1999, and even Scrap Saturday were joking about the affair in the mid 1990s. Maybe next week they can tell us all about Princess Diana and Prince Charles having marital difficulties?

If you want pay good money to hear old stories about Charlie Haughey go buy the brilliant Scrap Saturday CDs. They are still funny after 10 years and bizarrely still topical.

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