Saturday, June 10, 2006

The last time we tried this they burned our villages

Hey good news, the Irish government finally got around to passing a law that repeals the remains of feudal land ownership. If you cant sleep you can read the explanatory memorandum here.
"much current law and practice relating to land ownership and land transactions is based on the system introduced to Ireland by the Normans from the 12th century onwards. A key feature was the feudal notion of land tenure whereby all land was held from the Crown. The Bill abolishes feudal tenure in so far as it survives and updates the law relating to land ownership."

I bet in London Tony Blair is looking up the history of the Falklands to see if he can start a war he might actually win, the Queen is wondering how many other countries she owned without knowing and Prince Harry is looking up the laws on Prima Nocte to see if the founding fathers of the Irish State over looked those ones as well. :-) (Admit it, you would too)

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