Friday, June 02, 2006

Summer time and the living is easy

Sometimes God really pisses on Ireland weather wise. We get at least 9 months of so-so weather, not too cold but damp and grey and depressing. But for a couple of months a year we get summer time and then the so-so weather works for us. It's sunny but it's not too hot, just as I like it. Today is just one such day and to make it even better it's the Friday of a bank holiday and Met Eireann tells me I can look forward to the same for the rest of the long weekend.

Today was also the first beer garden evening of the year at least for me. We had spent the week in planning meetings trying to estimate how long it would take to do the next block of work our sales team had already sold and how we could make that fit into the time available. Our manager took pity on us this evening and sent us all home early to enjoy the weekend.

Like good Irish people we headed straight to the closest pub with a beer garden before all the other wage slaves got there. A few pints later I'm back in the office for a couple of minutes to post a blog entry and pick up my laptop with a face that has that nice warm tingling feeling that tells me I have moved from off white to slightly redder shade of off white.

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