Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Testing the Nations patience

RTE wasted our license fee last night with another BBC remake, Test the Nation. I wouldn't have minded but they didn't even remake the original test which BBC held in 2004. The original one was a proper IQ test where they asked logic, language, number and spatial recognition questions. Since then they have been reduced to testing the nations knowledge of popular culture sport, news and music.

RTE jumped straight to the level of testing popular culture instead of knowledge. Basically if you have not watched RTE continuously for the last 20 years you would automatically be down 20 points. If you didn't know your pop years you slipped down another bit. Miley of Glenroes extra marital affair was ranked with Charles Haughey, and Nick Leason.

The Test the Nation idea is a good one, when done right. Unfortunately RTE didn't do it right.

[Update: 2 Jan 2007] RTE got their act together last night and put on another edition of Test the Nation but this time they put on a proper IQ style test. Dublin came joint bottom of the test with an average IQ of 101. Monagahn came top with 106. You can take the test yourself on the RTE website.


ciaran said...

Did you watch it? How did you do?

Declan said...

I watched some of it, it was on in the background as I surfed the web. I lost interest when I saw the questions. You can take the quiz online though you only get 10 seconds instead of 20. I got 46 right online.

Colm said...

The scary thing is your twin also got 46 right online!

Declan said...

Well we watched the same TV programs growing up :-)