Friday, June 23, 2006

Chocolate recall

Cadburys have recalled 20,000 chocolate bars in Ireland and 1 million world wide in a salmonella scare.

The precautionary recall involves two products on sale in Ireland, 250g bars of Dairy Milk Turkish and 250g bars of Dairy Milk Caramel.

I don't have any now, but did eat some dairy milk caramel earlier in the week. Strangely that's the second product I have consumed that has been recalled in recent months, my contact lens solution was recalled as well and my optician told me to stop using it.

Now that I think about it I never even thought I could have gotten a replacement for free. I was getting fresh lenses and solution anyway so I just dumped what I had left, as I always do when I get new lenses. I wonder if consumers can send back chocolate and get a refund? I also wonder how many other things I have bought have been recalled without me realizing. Would I know, for example, if my DVD player was recalled? I don't register products when I buy them, so they cant have my contact and so would have no way to inform me. High profile recalls get press publicity, small ones don't.

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-Ann said...

Funny enough, I had just seen those bars a few hours earlier in the Tesco. Ordinarily, I wouldn't notice, but I was craving chocolate. I won't buy huge bars though because I just end up eating it all in one go. :)

I know in the States there's a central web site for researching product recalls, but after a couple of minutes of Googling, I couldn't find anything similar for Europe.