Sunday, June 25, 2006

England heading to World Cup Semi's?

Yup, it sure is starting to look that way. Not because they are good, in fact the teams performance so far in this World Cup has been far less than the sum of their parts. They have gotten a very easy run through the group and then against Ecuador. Now they could well find themselves in the semi-finals because their opposition team in the quarter finals, Portugal, are even worse than they are.

I was looking forward to Portugal Vs Holland and was bitterly disappointed by the worst display of diving, pushing, shoving and refereeing mistakes in the competition to date. Now a bunch of the better Portuguese players are suspended or possibly injured so England could well stagger on past yet another poor team and continue this tragedy.

The England media is making a big deal about the heat but everyone is playing in the same weather and England should have acclimatised by now. Dear God, please let Argentina Brazil or Spain meet England in the Semi's cause then we will see the true state of the England team under Sven.

(Note: Colm has pointed out my mistake about Argentina, I was reading the fixture schedule from top to bottom, instead of left the right.)


Colm said...

I don't think England can meet the Argies in the semis. It would be the winner of Brazil V Spain (if they both make the quarters)

Declan said...

Ah yes, you are right. I read the table wrong :-)

Still the argument applies :-) They might not face a serious challenge until the semis so the reality could be masked. Brazil or Spain could still give England a trashing unless they pick up their performance. If they so they could make it to the final, and anything can happen then.

ciaran said...

>because their opposition team in
>the quarter finals, Portugal,
> are even worse than they are.

Declan -- you have high

Declan said...

I think the way Portugal played last night they spent most of the game pretending they had been shot and falling to the ground than actually playing the football they are capable of. If they play like that for the rest of the tournament I hope they get knocked out as early as possible.

ciaran said...

Welcome to the game of football Declan..

Declan said...

It sucks, it's almost as bad as watching Dublin play ;-)