Friday, June 02, 2006

Mr A Case Protest Photos

Red Mum has a great set of photographs from today's protests against the recent Mr A case and the way the government has (mis)handled the whole issue. When I get a chance I like to go to protests with my camera to snap up some photos because they provide ample opportunities for interesting people photographs. I was in work today so missed this one.

The REALLY interesting thing about the photographs of this protest is the people protesting. Protests in Dublin tend to attract the usual suspects, Socialist Workers, Militant labor, Sinn Fein and all the other groups who seem to protest because it's the weekend and that's what they do on weekends. It's easy to ignore these fringe elements because however vocal they try to be they are still a tiny minority. This protest looks different, these people look like typical middle class citizens, you know just the type of people who vote.

Look out Bertie, when these people protest you know you have screwed up.

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