Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sky By Broadband

Sky are allowing their digital customers who have signed up to Movies or Sports download movies or sports events onto their computers with a service called Sky by Broadband
Sky digital customers who subscribe to Sky Sports 1 & 2 can get Sky Sports from Sky by broadband, while Sky Movies 1 & 2 subscribers can get Sky Movies from Sky by broadband. Sky customers who subscribe to our premium Sky World package can get both Sky Sports and Sky Movies from Sky by broadband - all at no extra cost

The movies you download can be watched for 30 days after the download. Interesting, though when they say "all at no extra cost" I wonder does that mean no charge for each movie, or no extra based on existing pay per view charges? I couldn't find that information on the web site. Still, downloadable TV is the future so one day maybe all TV programs will be downloadable and I wont have to remember to set a timer to record my favorite TV program just because RTE sticks it on too late or too early.

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