Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Poor Poland

Damn, you have to feel sorry for Poland. They just got knocked out of the World Cup with a 91st minute goal for Germany. With 30 seconds of normal time to go Germany hit the cross bar and then hit it again from the rebound. At that stage I thought the Polish goal keeper had earned a great draw for his team. Then a door opens for the German forward Oliver Neuville in the 91st minute and that was the end for Poland.


ciaran said...

In fairness, they can't have any complaints. It could have been 4:0.

Even if they nicked a draw, they would have been as good as out. Keeper did well though.

Declan said...

Yeah, the better team won, but Poland were so close to a draw and when Germany hit the cross bar twice in 5 seconds I was sure lady luck was with Poland.

-Ann said...

That's really a shame. I watched part of that match and felt that their goalie did a tremendous job.