Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dublin Mayoral Lottery

Dublin has appointed its 377th Lord Mayor, Cllr Vincent Jackson. Unfortunately regular voters don't get to vote for the mayor, or perhaps fortunately since the last thing we need is another set of elections for another public role that Bertie and his mates can just ignore. When electing a mayor the elected counselors have pacts and rotate the chain of office among themselves, making the position even less prestigious. “It's my turn to have a mandate!” just doesn't seem to have a strong ring to it.

Being Lord Mayor is a pretty nice number. You get a free house in the center of Dublin, even Bertie doesn't get one of those. You get a free car, with the license plate YY D 1, where YY is the year. You get carried around in a fancy gold horse drawn carriage during the St Patrick's Day parade. Finally you get to represent Dublin when visiting dignitaries come to town.

Really it's like winning Miss Ireland, though Irish politicians tend to look a hell of a lot worse in a swimsuit. Perhaps we could combine the two. If we are going to pick Lord Mayors out of a hat we may as well have one worth looking at.

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