Thursday, February 16, 2006

Where's The West Wing?

Bloody RTE, messing around with the schedule again this year and dropping The West Wing for the smallest reasons. This week its the O2 Ability Awards, held last night in Dublin Castle. While it is a good cause the awards show itself seemed more like an advert for companies like Bank of Ireland, Dell and Hewlett Packard as well as a chance for Irish celebrities to get on TV again. The awards probably do deserve some time on TV, but why in The West Wing slot?

Why does RTE bump The West Wing every time they have something else to show in a 1 hour slot? They did the same thing last year, dropping the show or just moving it around up to half an hour earlier or later every week. Why not bump shows that will never win awards for script writing or intelligent stories. For example here are the shows that were on RTE in that time slot the other nights of the week but which were kept on air ahead of The West Wing:

  • Monday - The View and Podge and Rodge, (disgusting people talking shite and insulting the nation, and then there is Podge and Rodge)
  • Tuesday - The View and Podge and Rodge (AGAIN),
  • Wednesday - Analyze This (cause its only been on TV two or three times this year).
  • Thursday - Hanging With Hector (if only he was hanging, from the RTE mast) and Punk'd (dumb down TV).
  • Friday - The Late Late Show (Pat Kenny should only be allowed on TV once a week at most) or Podge and Rodge (so crap they show it 3 times)


Ciaran said...

What's your problem with Hector? Why do you dislike him ?

Declan said...

It's nothing personal against the chap, it's just that after several of years him playing the crazy paddy he no longer seems funny to me.