Friday, June 30, 2006

Flickr Pro

I finally gave in and paid for my flickr account. Flickr is handy and I found I had used up my 200 photo limit. It kept all my old photographs but I could no longer view the oldest ones. When I go traveling at the end of they year I would hope to use flickr as a backup for my photos as well so having a 200 photo limit was not really a runner. I could have created another free flickr account but €19 for a years subscription wasn't too much to ask.

So that means I have stuck some more photos up and I've created some new sets.


Red Mum said...

How did you last so long, you'll see a big difference even in how many you take because you can store them so easily.

I love the tags system and the sets, three was just not enough!

I was lucky last year after someone sponsored me with a pro account and it runs out in the next week or two. I'll probably do the two-year option. It is well worth it.

click here said...

If you're travelling, the following site might be of interest to you:

A couple of my friends have been travelling together for the past year, and their little corner of this website is full of their images, updates and comments. You can also plot your journey, so that people can see where you are at a given stage in your trip.


Declan said...

Red Mum, I only missed it when I hit the 200 limit and found myself unable to post. I didnt use sets much but I will now.

Declan said...

click, thanks for the link. I'll have a look at the journey plotter could be useful cause at the moment the only thing I know I'm doing is landing in Sydney and heading for the Hunter Valley. If I dont want to spend 3 months drinking wine I'll have to make some plans. At the moment I intend on posting regular updates to this blog as I travel, I'll tweak the banner and the description but the URL will stay the same.