Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sony Digital SLR and FujiFilm price increase

Today was one of those rare days when instead of having nothing to write about I find several stories that catch my interest and cover things I had blogged about previously.

So here is one about Sony's move into the realm of digital SLR photography. Back in January I posted about the fact that Konica-Minolta were pulling out of the photography business. However at the same time Sony announced that they were going to release their own digital SLRs based on the Konica-Minolta technology.

Well the details of the camera have firmed up over the last few months, it's called the Alpha. But now it's also been announced that they have bought the Tamron lens company and are scooping up software companies in fields related to digital media.

Looks like Sony want to become the Chelsea of the photography world, buy their way to the top. Not that it would be a bad thing if they did, some improved competition in the market would help after a year of contraction. Hopefully it will at least drive prices down, I want to buy a digital SLR.

One of the reasons I want a digital is that 35mm film and development is getting too expensive, at least if you want decent film and well developed photographs. Now FujiFilm have added to the expense and put the prices of their film up by 20% to cover increases in the price of crude oil and silver. The decision was probably also related to the fact that Kodak did the same thing last month.

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