Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dunphy to replace Hook on Newstalk?

Update 20-June: For the people who are searching for Dunphy and Newstalk and ended up here, Dunphy has announced he is leaving Newstalk. Go here for my post about that.

I guess we all know why he would not answer the Evening Herald now, he was considering leaving.

- Original post from May -

George Hook was just talking on Newstalk 106 to Ger Gilroy and he mentioned an article in tonight's Evening Herald that reported Eamon Dunphy was going to take over Hooks slot in the schedule. George made little of it saying that he wouldn't take it seriously because it was in the Evening Herald, but then he joked that he would be willing to swap with Dunphy because he likes to get up early in the mornings.

I wonder... could Dunphy return to the radio slot that started his radio career? It would put him head to head with his old program on Today FM. It would also be a big PR stunt when the station goes national in October.

Though that said the idea of waking up to George Hook is just as disturbing as the idea of waking up to Eamon Dunphy.

Update 25 May: Bol**cks, total and utter Bol**cks. The Evening Herald basically created a story out of nothing. In Newstalk 106s application for a national license they "revealed their plans to have Eamon Dunphy broadcast and early morning programme". Fair enough that, seeing how that is his job already. Then the Herald continues
But when contacted by the Evening Herals, Dunphy refused to be drawn on any future competition between his show and Morning Ireland.

This will lead to speculation that the controversial broadcaster may be plotting to move to a different slot, possibly to go head-to-head with Matt Cooper, who took over his Today FM job

So the Herald asked a question Dunphy didnt give a real answer so they "speculated" and made something up. Pah, they could have just as easily speculated that Dunphy could quit broadcasting to return to Manchester United team as striker cover for Wayne Rooney. Why did the journalist even talk to Dunphy at all if they were just going to "speculate" and make up a story?

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