Monday, January 23, 2006

Sony will make Digital SLRs

Finally after a month of bad news in the photography market some good news. When Konica Minolta announced their withdrawal from the camera market last week one part of their press release said that Sony had purchased its digital camera division. The speculation at the time was that Sony would bring out its own digital SLR based on Konica Minolta. Now today it has been confirmed and the even better they will be focusing on the cheaper end of the market.

Yutaka Nakagawa, president of Sony's digital imaging business group, told reporters the company would aim for 20-25 percent of the fast-growing digital SLR market by focusing on relatively inexpensive models that could achieve mass-market appeal.

Whatever your personal opinion of Sony I think new blood in the market can only be a good thing. Also by using the Konica Minolta base anyone who has recently invested in Konica Minolta cameras and lenses wont be left totally high and dry as the lenses should work on the Sony, and I would expect that therefore Sony lenses could work on Konica Minolta cameras (but don't blame me if they don't).

I also forgot to mention the announcement last week that Samsung will be releasing two new digital SLRs as well. Again new blood in the market, even if in this case the cameras aren't exactly setting the world alight with features.

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