Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dublin Blog Posting

A friend of mine who uses bloglines to read my blog post complained to me that he didn't know I also post to another blog (yeah, where do I find the time?). If he visited my site once in a while, and improved my visitor counter, he would have noticed the link on the side bar. ;-)

The Dublin Community Blog is a group blog where several bloggers that live in Dublin post about the city on topics from news and events to tourism and attractions. I try to come up with at least one post a week but there are several other more prolific posters.

So John, here's the link and I just posted an entry about Collins Barracks. :-)


Johnny K said...

I use Rojo to read it, not Bloglines. Tsk, tsk.

Thanks for the link, I forgot this was part of a conversation we had last week!

Declan said...

Hmm, Rojo. I too forgot that you had said that. I must have a look at it.

Can I import my bloglines subscriptions into it? I'm feeling lazy.

ciaran said...

The picture at the front of your blog is very much like the one from the DCB. Not identical but i smell a rat. Who copied who?

What a city though..

Declan said...

Well my blog has existed for almost a year, the Dublin blog for 3 months... I dont know who picked the Dublin Community Blog one but the Millenium Bridge is the best position in Dublin to come up with a photo containing an easily identifable set of landmarks so I imagine every tourist and photographer in Dublin has the same photo.

Though I think I'll relax my copyright on the Dublin skyline, just this once ;-)

Daragh Mc Grath said...

I chose what photo to use there!! :)

Phil Pankov, who's Black and White photo's of Ireland focus mainly on Dublin is an excellent photographer, and fully deserves to have his picture there!

I am however, open to submissions from anyone who would like to have their photo in the site banner, I'm actually considering rotating the photo's fairly regularly over the next few months, so, drop me a line if you fancy being featured!