Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Emerald Green Taxi is reporting on a hoax letter that was sent to taxi drivers in Kerry telling them they would have to paint their cars emerald green.
Taxi drivers have fallen victim to a hoax claiming they would have to paint their vehicles emerald green as part of new regulations.

At least 11 drivers in Kerry received letters, claiming to be from the Commission for Taxi Regulation, stating that taxis would have to be colour-coordinated.

To me it sounds like a student prank. However, you know what, I think it's a great idea. Many cities and countries have easily identifiable taxis, yellow cabs in New York, black cabs in London, and the taxi drivers don't suffer. Why not here? Emerald green would be a great color choice for Irish taxis. Wasn't this suggested a couple of years ago in an official press release or study?

Anyway, the Gardai are now involved and are investigating the forgery, because the Taxi regulator says he takes it very seriously. Get off your high horse mate. How about stopping the taxi strike scheduled for this weekend instead of getting worried about some silly little joke. You would think the Gardai would have better things to do, and taxi drivers would be less gullible.


Simon said...

excellent idea

pog mo thoin said...

Yeah, why did they get so bent out of shape about this? I think green taxis would be good! I have a friend who was visiting me from the states who got in a car that just pulled over to let someone out! (No comments about clueless yanks please!) If it was screaming emerald green, the poor guy she told to go to Ballsbridge and step on it, wouldn't have nearly died of a heart attack!!!