Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cannon to quit film camera business?

Yet more news in the transition from film to digital photography. Engadget and MSNBC are reporting that Cannon are now considering dropping their film compacts and SLRs. This follows Nikons decision at the start of this year to stop all their film cameras bar one.
A spokesman at Canon, the world's largest digital camera maker, said it would consider whether it needs to continue developing both compact and single lens reflex (SLR) film models because the markets for both are shrinking.

My earlier concerns on the impact the demise of film based SLRs could have on people taking up photography as a hobby still apply. Digital SLRs are still way, way, way too expensive when compared to entry level 35mm SLRs. So much so that if someone has not already developed an interest in photography they wont impulse buy an €800 digital SLR the way they could with a €200 film SLR. Also digital SLRs are still too delicate and prone to dust.

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