Tuesday, May 02, 2006

England loose World Cup finals on a Technicality

England are the current holders of the soccer World Cup and have been since 1966. You see while other teams may have won the final, England have always had a good excuse why they have not won since 1966 so the other results don't count.

At least that's the way it seems this week since Wayne Rooney followed the English tradition of being the most hyped player in the last 4 years and then getting injured just before the World Cup. The way the English media are carrying on you would swear they only had one player in the team and the other 20 or so were just there to carry Colleens luggage. We now have weeks of "Can Rooney Make It", "Team struggle through without Wayne", "Team go down, Rooney would have made the difference" to go until England get knocked out of the competition or, God forbid, win. Then we can watch soccer in peace for 4 years until the next big injury disaster.


Anonymous said...

what we needed to do was start with 4-4-2 and have crouch and rooney up front and we shouldn't of had lampard taking a penalty because he had a bad world cup.

Declan said...

Yeah the team played badly. Sven is pretty poor as a manager when things start to go wrong, he sticks to the plan and hopes for the best.

What was the idea of keeping Carragher on the bench until the 118 minute? Just putting him on for the penalties when a pair of fresh legs could have made the difference before penalties.

Crouch and Rooney as a pair may have scored and it may even have taken some of the of the focus off Rooney himself and maybe he wouldnt have lost his cool and get sent off for a stupid push.

The person I feel sorry for is Theo Walcott. Taken from obscurity to this World Cup, never going to play and his position was the center of attention for all the problems with him never able to have his say.