Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ireland 13th in road-safety enforcement

It is reported today that Ireland is 13th out of the 25 EU states for road-safety enforcement.
The ranking is contained in a report published today by the Brussels-based European Transport Safety Council.

The report focuses on efforts by EU member states to combat drink-driving, speeding and the non-wearing of seat-belts.

Hmm, do the 12 states that were worse than us have police forces at all? Because it would be hard to be worse than Ireland. Pretty much all you would have to do is set up a road block once a week to leap frog us in the rankings. Or was this table just based on government spin, reports and wishes?

If the EU wants to get an estimate of the Irish road-safety enforcement they should get an official to stand at the pedestrian traffic lights beside the Donnybrook Garda station where every day scores of drivers drive through red lights, talk on their mobiles or go by with no seat-belts on. I've even seen cars break the lights with Gardai standing there waiting to cross. Enforcement? The Gardai barely have the numbers and resources to protect themselves let alone enforce the road-safety laws.

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