Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gassed Chickens

Following up on this mornings post the chickens are now officially no longer a threat to the future of the human race.

Instead of gassing 6000 chickens they decided to go for broke and gassed 12000 instead. We can now be completely confident in the Irish States ability to kill chickens on demand.

Ireland is now better prepared to deal with an outbreak of bird flu following the testing of a contingency plan on a farm in Co Limerick today.

Fifteen tonnes of liquid carbon dioxide in the form of dry ice was injected into a shed containing 12,000 hens on a farm in Kilmeady this afternoon.

15 tonnes of liquid carbon dioxide to kill one shed full of chickens? Did they drop it on the chickens? Doesn't sound very scalable, at least not without accelerating global warming. However I am confident that there will be chicken curry on the menu in the Department of Agriculture canteen for the next few weeks.
[photo from Reel.com]

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