Thursday, May 11, 2006

Playstation 3 in Ireland

The Irish Independent via ElectricNews are reporting that the Playstation 3 will go on sale in Ireland on November 17th
The same paper reports that the latest must-have computer console is to hit Irish shops five weeks before Christmas, with a price tag to match its formidable technology. The much-delayed and much-hyped Playstation 3 will be on shelves from 17 November and will cost EUR499 for a basic model and EUR599 for the version with a bigger memory.

No prize for guessing what the most sought after Christmas present will be this year and no prizes for guessing what item will have the highest mark up on it on ebay this December :-)

My advice? Buy a Nintendo Wii for a speculated $199 and then late in the new year when your wrists get tired of fly fishing go buy a Playstation 3 which by then should have some of the standard new console kinks worked out, some cheaper games are available and the queues have died down.

[via ElectricNews]


Darran said...

Whats wrong with a Xbox 360? Halo3 was just announced!!

Declan said...

Nothing I suppose, just never took to the XBox. I think my hands have grown to match the shape of a playstation controller :-)

Darran said...

They have you hooked so for the PS3, because they are far to lazy to change it!!

The PS controller would be good, if they swapped the left analog stick with the direction pad like the Xbox.