Friday, May 12, 2006

Vote, Vote, Vote for the Winners

Lets be honest, since the celtic tiger saved us all from poverty and misery we Irish are incapable of winning Eurovision. Like a team that after years of quiet progress we are finally at the top of the English Premier League and in the semi-finals of the Champions League we no longer have much interest in the Carling Cup and if we can make it to the World Club championship we may even skip the FA Cup as well.

That seems to be how we now view the Eurovision. Once upon a time we were the undisputed masters of Eurovision and it seemed like all we had to do was turn up on the night to collect the trophy, much to RTEs annoyance as they had to host it the next year. Now we have come to our senses and we don't really want to win it anymore. We pick a representative who may have had potential in his younger years but enjoyed his media profile a little too much now hasn't started in a match for a couple of seasons. While the first 11 get ready for the World Cup, we wheel out the reserve player, but no one complains because he brought his own ball. 'Every Song Is A Cry For Love'? More like 'Every Verse Is a Cry for Mercy'.

Face it, the chances of Ireland winning Eurovision are not very good seeing how we don't come from Eastern Europe. Eastern European countries really want to win the competition, they still get excited about it and more importantly they vote for each other. This year I think the best entry comes from Lithuania with LT United and their song "We are the Winners". With lyrics like "Vote, Vote, Vote for the winners" we should vote for them, just for their audacity, and the fact that we would be terrified to win it ourselves.

Click the picture below to see a video of their performance. [Via The Dossing Times]

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