Monday, May 01, 2006


I went down to Galway for the long weekend. It was my mothers birthday so the family took her for a surprise weekend away. Galway is a lovely city. This was just my second visit to it, the first being for a stag party with a somewhat different tempo than a family get together but Galway was well suited to both.

We stayed in the Quality Hotel outside the city. It's a typical purpose built large hotel that has been popping up around Ireland in the last few years but it's quite nice, though my tastes in hotel are quite simple. It also had free Wi-Fi for it's guests so I was happy.

Galway itself is full of restaurants and pubs, my brother organised the weekend and picked two nice restaurants that were not too expensive, The Malt House and Kirbys. Both were nice, but Kirbys was my favorite, and was cheaper.

I did check out the reopened Eyre Square. I posted last week about a press statement that announced Wi-Fi broadband was available. I tried to connect from all around the square but the only open networks were from a near by hotel and an eircom one that required an account. The new Eyre Square is nice but other than cutting down the trees and relaying some paths I couldn't really see what all the fuss was about and why it took so long and caused so much trouble to finish.

I must arrange to go back to Galway with a few friends for a weekend that is neither a stag nor a family reunion so I can properly appreciate the city :-).

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