Wednesday, May 17, 2006

BBC Review Da Vinci Code, and its not favourable

The BBC has the first review that I have seen of the most hyped movie of the year, The Da Vinci Code. They don't like it.
Ron Howard's adaptation of The Da Vinci Code, which debuts at Cannes Film Festival, fails to live up to the hype that surrounded Dan Brown's novel.
While the plot worked its magic on the pages, it does not transfer well to the screen - here, it is long and it is dull.
They acknowledge the fact that the movie will be a commercial success regardless of how good or bad it is but reviews like this wont do anything to bring people who have not read the book out to the cinema. That said the BBC were never likely to give The Da Vinci Code 5 stars since their reviewers are probably well aware of the historical flaws in the story.

I'm going to see it on Friday (see my post on The Dublin Community Blog) so I'll post my own review here on Saturday.

Update: No sooner do I post about the first review then I see another one, this one is by Sinead in Dublin on the Sigla Blog so it's worth a mention and again the reviewer wasn't thrilled by the movie.
The film wheezes along, dragging its unimaginative script with it, relying on something akin to Leaving Cert. standard history to make the whole concept credible. Overly earnest dialogue (another Howard-ism) and clunky puzzle-solving scenes only confirm the filmÂ’s blandness.

My expectations for this movie go down hourly, so I'll probably end up enjoying it :-)

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Philip Booth said...

I went to the advance screening last night.

I was underwhelmed, and several critics (including me) chuckled out loud at the biggest “revelations.”

Really, it was kind of dull and occasionally quite silly.

I posted my review on my site, Scribe Life.